The cryptocurrency market is growing exponentially since 2017, and companies continue to work on different crypto projects. The popularity of decentralized applications (dApps) and decentralized finance (Defi) projects are among the most notable inventions in the crypto world these days. Crypto trading robots are another financial tool that can help investors enter the lucrative crypto market. Bitcoin Revolution is one of these robots. It is one of the first crypto trading robots introduced to investors in 2017 and is considered by many as one of the most reliable and accurate trading bots in the industry.  Bitcoin Revolution claims that its software can make consistent profits by using the most advanced trading technologies. We have decided to review the Bitcoin Revolution application and investigate the robot’s features including its payouts, withdrawal process, fees, reliability, win rate, trading algorithms, and more. 

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

Founded in 2017, Bitcoin Revolution is a fully automatic trading robot that was designed to trade cryptocurrencies by using sophisticated trading algorithms. The Bitcoin Revolution software has been created using the most advanced programming technologies including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies in order to scan big data in the cryptocurrency market. These technologies can allegedly analyze the cryptocurrency market, identify successful trades and then execute these orders with relevant market makers.  The Bitcoin Revolution robot is entirely automatic, meaning it reportedly is able to independently conduct market research and place orders in the market without any human intervention. The robot claims that it can analyze big data and makes accurate trading decisions when compared to human traders. As a result, the team behind Bitcoin Revolution has managed to develop a trading software that has a claimed win rate of 99.4% and is allegedly able to generate consistent profits for its users. 

Bitcoin Revolution scam check: Is it legit?

We have carried out an investigation to determine whether Bitcoin Revolution is a legit trading robot. The key factors are the robot’s trading performance, user reviews, the safety of funds, deposit and withdrawal process, and customer support. Our investigation shows that Bitcoin Revolution scores well on each one of the above factors.  During this review, we have found out that Bitcoin Revolution partners with well-known regulated brokers that ensure investors’ funds are safe in segregated accounts and that users will be compensated in the event of default. Moreover, the company has a transparent business structure and multiple communication methods.

Bitcoin Revolution has a 88% and superior success rate. We, therefore, can confirm that the Bitcoin Revolution trading app is completely legitimate.

How does the Bitcoin Revolution software work?

Bitcoin Revolution relies on advanced technologies to detect trading signals and execute a large number of orders in the crypto market at one time. According to Bitcoin Revolution, the software has been created using the most advanced technologies that enable the robot to perform trades 0.01 ahead of the markets. The software allegedly uses trading algorithms that can read market news, conduct market research and analyze trading charts. When these are done, the robot detects hundreds of trading signals that are simultaneously executed through a regulated broker. It is important to note that Bitcoins Revolution’s trading experts claim to use popular trading indicators such as Moving Average, RSI, and Bollinger Bands to help the software find opportunities in the market.  Bitcoin Revolution also applies a trading strategy known as high-frequency trading, which is a type of algorithmic trading that is based on the execution of a high volume of orders within seconds. The robot’s goal is to find small price fluctuation, and by that, it allegedly reduces the risk of losing a large amount in one transaction. 

How to create an account with Bitcoin Revolution?

The account creation process with Bitcoin Revolution is simple and takes less than five minutes. Here are the steps to follow in order to complete the registration process:

Step 1 – Registration

The first step you must take is to enter Bitcoin Revolution’s official website and fill in your personal details in the registration form. The robot requires you to submit your first and last name, email address, and phone number. You should note that although Bitcoin Revolution is available in most countries, you need to fill in your details on the sign-up form to determine whether you can trade with Bitcoin Revolution in your country. 

Step 2 – Setting up your account

Bitcoin Revolution immediately redirects you to its trading dashboard where you can adjust your risk settings and connect to a regulated broker. Bear in mind that the majority of trading robots do not offer a proprietary trading dashboard that enables you to limit your risk. On the trading dashboard, you can set up the maximum amount per trade, maximum concurrent trades, maximum trades per day, and daily stop loss and take profit. 

Step 3 – Deposit Funds and Start Trading 

Once you have completed your account configuration, you can log in to your assigned broker’s platform and deposit funds through one of the broker’s payment methods. We suggest that you start with the minimum requirement of $250. Whenever the funds have been credited to your account, click on the ‘Auto-Trade’ button on Bitcoin Revolution’s trading dashboard. 

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What makes Bitcoin Revolution better than other robots?

Bitcoin Revolution is different than any other trading robot in the market. Here are the key features that differentiate Bitcoin Revolution from other trading robots: Transparency and security: The robot discloses crucial information on its website including its partner brokers, privacy policy, terms and conditions, earnings disclaimer, and spam policy. The company also efforts to protect clients’ funds and data by partnering with regulated brokers that ensure investors’ funds are safe and applying security features such as BitGo, NortonSecured, SecureTrading, and McAfee.  High claimed profitability: Bitcoin Revolution claims to offer highly profitable trading software. The robot reports that users can make an average daily profit of $1100 and the majority of users report to have made around $500-$1500 per day from an initial investment of $250. Deposit and withdrawal process: Bitcoin Revolution has a payout system that is fast and reliable. Unlike other trading robots in the market, the robot allows traders to withdraw funds without any limitations and there are no hidden fees associated with withdrawing your funds. Based on user reviews we come across, the deposit and withdrawal process takes a maximum of 48 hours to appear to a user account.  Positive reputation: Most of the reviews report to have had a positive trading experience with Bitcoin Revolution but more importantly, they also report that the robot offers a secure trading platform and responsive and knowledgeable customer support. 

Bitcoin Revolution and celebrities

There seem to be many rumors across the web about celebrities endorsing bitcoin trading robots. There are also plenty of rumors linking Boy Abunda, Shark Tank and Richard Branson with Bitcoin Revolution. Let see if these rumors are true. 

Jeremy Clarkson
The host of BBC’s “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”, and former host of “Top Gear” Jeremy Clarkson has been said to endorse Bitcoin Revolution. These claims, however, have not been proven, and Jeremy has said he hasn’t even heard of Bitcoin, let alone Bitcoin Revolution. If you see Bitcoin Revolution being advertised with Jeremy Clarkson, you can be sure that it’s most likely a mistake.
Shark Tank
There are rumors online that some top-ranking bitcoin trading robots have appeared in the popular British TV reality show, Shark Tank. One of the rumors suggests that Bitcoin Revolution has been featured in one of the Shark Tank episodes, however, we could not find any evidence to confirm these claims. It appears that these rumors are spread by fake websites that try to promote their search engine rankings. 
Richard Branson
Richard Branson has made several comments about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and he is known as a huge fan of the technology behind crypto coins. As a result, fake sites have used his name and trading robots’ popularity to create clickbait titles. Yet, our review reveals that Branson has never confirmed his endorsement for bitcoin trading robots including Bitcoin Revolution.

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Final thoughts on Bitcoin Revolution

Following this review, we can confidently confirm that Bitcoin Revolution is legit and can be trusted. This robot has a claimed win rate of 99.4% and an alleged daily payout of $1100.  Furthermore, Bitcoin Revolution efforts to provide a secure trading platform, a seamless withdrawal process, and a responsive customer support service. Yet, you must consider the risk of losing your capital when investing in automated trading robots. 


⚠️ Is Bitcoin Revolution a Scam?

The answer to that question is simple. Bitcoin Revolution is not a scam. A lot of people associate the famous trading robot to scams due to reckless investors losing money in trading with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a highly volatile instrument that poses great risks and rewards to trade with. The year of 2020 will be a very important year, and Bitcoin is highly likely to surpass its all time high. The time to get into trading with Bitcoin Revolution is now!

⭐ Do celebrities endorse Bitcoin Revolution?

Rumour has it that celebrities and successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Gordon Ramsay, Elon Musk and Jeremy Clarkson endorse Bitcoin and Bitcoin Revolution. These rumours, however, are false. There hasn't been any proof or confirmation by any of them in regards to endorsements of crypto activity. What is known is that some of them encourage the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

💳 How much should I deposit with Bitcoin Revolution?

The platform on Bitcoin Revolution is a software which is free to use, however the minimum amount required by the brokers to trade with Bitcoin Revolution is of £/$ 250.

😱 Are there any hidden fees with Bitcoin Revolution?

The reports on the Bitcoin Revolution website state that there are no broker fees, hidden fees or any other commissions.

📱 Is there a Bitcoin Revolution App?

Bitcoin Revolution's website is user friendly, but there isn't a specific app that can be found to download. You can access normally from your smartphone as you would like any other website.

💰 Can You Make Profit with Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution has helped a lot of people achieve their financial freedom. It's definitely one of the easiest ways to trade with Bitcoin and make daily profit. You can read more about the strategies within our review page.