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The History of Bitcoin Revolution

In 2015, a team of Wall Street traders and MIT engineers discovered the massive potential in trading BTC volatility through CFDs. They came together and developed a tool that automated superior trading techniques to speculate on BTC volatility.

The tool was named Bitcoin Revolution and was initially open to the founders and their friends. In early 2016, the founders generated a cumulative of $560 million in profits. They decided to open it to the public in September 2016. During the crypto rise of 2017, Bitcoin Revolution was the most popular trading robot. Its popularity went through the roof in the last months of the year, prompting the founders to momentarily withdraw it from the markets.

It was reintroduced at the crypto bubble of 2018 and has continued to turn ordinary people into crypto millionaires. Bitcoin Revolution org. depends on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. These algorithms have the potential to read both quantitative and qualitative data at a win rate of up to 98%. To put this into context, the world-leading human trader has a win rate of about 48%.

Even better, Bitcoin Revolution is open for all. You do not need to be a quant or an engineer to operate it successfully. Simply read the trading guide and practice demo, and you are good to go on the live account. The trading guide is written in layman’s language and is hence easy to understand even for those who are completely new to crypto trading.

The team behind our success

We are a team of investment bankers and computer mathematicians with years of experience working for leading Wall Street institutional investors.

Bitcoin Revolution software is one of our most successful trading tools. We have developed other popular CFDs trading robots and sold them to top hedge funds. Bitcoin Revolution is our way of giving back to the community.

We aim to help ordinary people enjoy the insane profitability found in fast-paced BTC derivatives trading. Bitcoin Revolution Cloud is a free trading robot. However, we do charge a 2% commission on profits generated through the app.

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What makes Bitcoin Revolution so Profitable and Unique?

Bitcoin Revolution is the tool for you if you are looking for a hands-free way to make money online. This robot aims to help ordinary people like you join the millionaire lifestyle through BTC CFDs trading. Here are the key features of the Bitcoin Revolution app.


Highly profitable trading platform – We are the only trading platform in the market that is free and guarantees a daily profit of up to 600% under favorable market conditions .


Free demo account – We provide a highly intuitive demo with all the features found in the live account. We aim to fully prepare you for live trading. Bitcoin Revolution is auto, but there are a few features that you need to adjust manually. The demo should help you do so.


Safe and Secure – The platform employs RSA encryption to ensure that your data is safe. This is the highest standard of encryption. Moreover, we have a cyber-response team on standby to address any potential threats.


Highly regulated partner brokers – Our partner brokers are monitored by tier-one regulatory bodies such as FCA, ASIC, CYSEC, SEC, and FSB. They are strictly monitored in the UK, the US, Australia, South Africa, and a good part of Asia.


Customer service – Your issues and concerns are dealt with as soon as you report them. Our customer care desk is reachable 24 hours a day, five days a week, either through phone, email, and live chat.


Zero license fees – We are a license-free robot. However, we do charge a 2% commission on profits earned through our platform.


Open 24 Hours a Day– Bitcoin Revolution trades all the BTC markets. Consequently, you can make profits even when asleep.


A wide variety of tradable pairs – We offer over 45 BTC CFDs pairs. These include highly volatile pairs such as BTC/USD, BTC/GBP, and BTC/EUR.