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Browser Cookies

Cookies or HTTP Cookies are small files of texts comprising a thread of characters which are placed on the computer. Cookies can also be found on mobile devices that can identify either the device or the browser. Why do websites use cookies? With Cookies, a website or even a service get to know if the device or computer did visit the site.

In addition to this, cookies also allow us to know if the service is being used by individuals via gadgets. With cookies, website navigation becomes seamless, aid in remembering the preferences, and enhance the browsing experience. Cookies also aid in ensuring that the marketing which is seen online is quite relevant to the users.

The Team Behind the Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is the brainchild of a team of dedicated expert traders who combined their expertise to offer a cutting-edge system to the investors around the world. With the Bitcoin Revolution, investors can master the entire trading world of Bitcoin.

Before the curation of the Bitcoin Revolution, each of the dedicated team members worked for several renowned brands, aiding them to touch the epitome of success. Team members had a brief encounter with each other during a finance conference, where they understood the limitations of Bitcoin trading and how working for other companies will limit them to revolutionize the world of Bitcoin.

Meticulously the team banded together like an act of faith and amalgamated both their knowledge and experience in the attempt to create a tool for the masses that is powerful enough to make the trading happen, efficiently. “We are proud of the work that we have done in the curation of the state-of-the-art, intuitive, powerful, and automated software for cryptocurrency trading” – Team behind Bitcoin Revolution

How long does a cookie stay on your device?

It depends on the entirety of the cookies when it comes to prevailing on mobile devices or a computer. The length time is determined if a cookie is ‘session’ or persistent’. Persistent cookies tend to stay on computers and mobile devices till they are deleted or expired, on the other hand, session cookies tend to stay on the respective device until browsing expires.


Brief details about cookies  – The first-party cookies are the ones which are incorporated by bitcoinrevolution.org, the third-party cookies are the one which is placed by another party on the users’ device via our service. Moreover, third-party cookies are placed on the device by the ones who are providing service for the platform. There are always chances that some of our business partners may also place third-party cookies by which they can advertise the services and products to users across the internet


Can you control and delete the cookies? There are some users that wish to delete cookies, if you want to delete cookies then you can follow the instructions on https://www.bitcoinrevolution.org/. You can also choose to disable receiving the cookies from your browser.


Note: If your browser is already set not to receive cookies from websites, then you cannot access a specific part of the service that we provide to our users. Also, some parts of the services might not work properly on your device. If you want to navigate more options concerning cookie settings then you can visit third=party information sites, like www.allaboutcookies.org.

Join the dedicated traders’ group who seemingly enjoy big returns by investing in Bitcoin traders, this is possible thanks to the platform, Bitcoin Revolution.