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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy describes the procedure and the underlying policies on the utilization, collection alongside disclosure of the User’s (Your) information whenever you use the service. It also tells about privacy rights and how laws protect you and your interest.

We use the users’ Data for providing & improving our services. By availing the service, you hereby agree to the collection as well as the use of information which comes along with the privacy policy.

Interpretation & Definitions

Note that the words where the initial letter has been capitalized possess meaning which is defined under the conditions listed below.

The definitions written below must possess a similar meaning irrespective of the fact that they appear either in singular or plural.


Definitions are written with the purpose of the Privacy Policy:

You: This denotes that an individual is using or accessing a service or company or even other legal entity which represents some other individual who accesses or uses the said Service, as relevant.

Concerning the General Data Protection Regulation, ‘You’ can also be referred to as the Data Subject or ever as a ‘User’ which the individual is while they use the service.

Company: This word is referred to either ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Our’, or the ‘Company’ through this agreement is referred as Bitcoin Revolution, 9 Appold Street EC2A 2AP London UK.

As far as the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is considered, the company is the Data Controller.

Affiliate: The word affiliate signifies the entity which controls or is controlled by someone or is under a common control accompanied by a party. Here ‘control’ denotes 50% of the ownership of significant shares, securities, or equity interest that is entitled to vote for electing directors and to manage authority.

Account: This signifies a unique account which is created for You, as in user or investor in the purpose of accessing the services we provide. With an account, You can also use several segments of our services.

Website: This refers to the webpage of the Bitcoin Revolution which can be accessed from https://www.bitcoinrevolution.org/.

Service: The service we provide is referred to as the Website.

Country: It refers to the United Kingdom.

Service Provider: This suggests that any legal or natural person who oversees processing the data under the company. Service Provider also refers to the third-party companies or even the individuals where the Company is the employer and the individuals are deemed as employees for facilitating the Service to provide the Service on the company’s behalf. They also perform services related to the assistance and servicing of the company to analyse the way Service is utilized.

Service Providers are deemed as the Data Processors, according to GDPR.

Third-party Social Media Service: It refers to any of the websites across the internet or social network websites where Users can either log in or even create an account for using the service.

Personal Data: This is the information which is related to identifying an individual.

In terms of GDPR, Personal Data refers to information associated with You like an identification number, name, location data, online identifier. It can also be one or multiple factors which are specialized to physiological, physical, economic, mental, social, or cultural identity.

Cookies: These are the small files which are present in Your computer or any other device through a website. It contains the details of Your history of browsing on the website and it has several uses.

Usage Data: This is the data, which is collected automatically, generated through the use of service or from Service infrastructure such as the duration of the page visitation.

Data Controller: Considering GDPR, Data Controller refers to Company as a legal individual that can single-handedly or jointly determine both the means and purposes to process Personal Data.

Collecting and Using Your Personal Data

Classification of Collected Data

Personal Data

At the time of using the service, We might ask You to give Us a few specific personally identifiable information which We might use to identify or contact You. Note that Personally identifiable information might include, however not limited to:

Email Address

First & Last Name

Usage Data

Phone Number

Usage Data

We collect the Usage Data when You avail our Service.

Usage Data comprises information of the Users such as the IP Address of Your Device alongside types of browser, browser version, different pages of the Service which You usually visit. It also comprises the date and time of Your visit, time which You spend on these pages, diagnose data, and identify devices.

We may also collect certain information when You begin to access Our Service through mobile devices. This is done automatically and it includes the type of device You are using, a unique ID of the mobile device, IP Address, Operating System of the mobile, type and version of the Internet browser that You are using, diagnostic data and device identifiers.

We also collect the information which Your Browser transmits every time You visit the Service, or You access Our Services via a mobile device(s).

Tracking Technologies and Cookies

We generally use Cookies as well as several other tracking technologies for tracking Your activity on Our Service. We also store specific information. Tracking technologies are used as tags, beacons, & scripts for collecting & tracking information. This method will help Us to analyse and improve Our Service.

Your browser can be set by you to refuse all the Cookies or indicate when a single Cookie is sent in person. Nevertheless, If You are not willing to accept cookies then you will be exempted from using some parts of Our Service.

Cookies are either Session or Persistent. Session Cookies are the ones which are deleted once the web browser is closed by You. On the other hand, Persistent Cookies tend to remain on the device even if Your device is offline.

Not that we use both persistent and session cookies for the following purposes:

Essential/Mandatory Cookies

Category: Session Cookies

Administrator: Us

Aim: With these Cookies, You will be provided with the services which are available at Our Website, also you are enabled towards using some of the important features. The benefit of these cookies is that they aid in authenticating users and at the same time prevent the fraudulent use of the users’ accounts. We cannot provide You with the essential services without these cookies.

Notice Acceptance Cookies/Cookies Policy

Category: Persistent Cookies

Administrator: Us

Aim: These Cookies help in identifying if the users have accepted using Cookies on this Website.

Functionality Cookies

Category: Persistent Cookies

Administrator: Us

Aim: With the help of these Cookies, We remember the choices you have made during the first visitations. Our Website remembers You login details and language preference with this cookie. These Cookies provide you with personal experience and You will not have to re-enter the preferences every time You will be using the website.

Tracking and Performance Cookies

Type Persistent Cookies

Administrator: Third Parties

Aim: These Cookies track information such as Website traffic and how users navigate and use the website. The information which is gathered through these Cookies identifies You as a visitor. The information which is gathered linked to a specific pseudonymous identifier which is associated with the device that You utilize the Website. The Cookies can be used to identify new pages, advertisements, functionalities or features of the Website, further witness how users react.

Kindly visit our page dedicated to informing You about Cookies Policy to get more information regarding the cookies that we use alongside Your choices.

Using Your Personal Data

We may use Your Personal Data for the purposes listed below:

Provide & maintain Our Service: Our goal is to provide robust service, maintain them and keep tabs on the usage of the services which we provide.

Managing Account: Starting from registering you as the user of Our Service, to the personal data provided by You. After registration users gain access to distinctive functionalities of several Services which are available to You when you become a registered User.

Contract Performance: This includes the compliance, development, and undertaking of the purchase contract for items, products, or services that You have already purchased with any other contract from Us via the services we provide.

Connecting You: If You want Us to contact Your end via telephone calls, email, SMS or other methods of electronic communication like push notifications on smartphones concerning the updates related to products, functionalities, or contracted services, inclusive of security updates, which is necessary for implementation.

Providing other updates: For providing You with special offers, news, and general information regarding other services, goods & events that We offer are same as those which You have already enquired or purchased. However, You are in control to choose whether You want to receive these notifications or not.

Managing the requests: Manage and attend Your request towards Us.

We might also share the User information in the situations mentioned below:

Service Provider: There are chances that we might share the personal information of the Users with several Service Providers for analysing and monitoring the usage of our Service. The Service Providers are responsible to provide advertisements that aids in supporting and maintaining Our Service to contact You. Also, advertise on third party websites to the Users once they visit the Service page and make payments.

Business Transfers: There are chances that we might transfer or share the personal information of the users concerning, or during negotiations of a merger, financing, selling of company assets, and also during the acquisition of our businesses to other companies.

Affiliates: We might share the information of the Users with Our notable affiliates. In this scenario, we need the affiliates to honour Our privacy policy. Some of the Affiliates are our subsidiaries and Parent Company, joint venture partners and other companies which we control or share the control with.

Business Partners: The information which we share with Our business partners are intended to offer You certain services, products, as well as promotions.

Other Users: When a User shares his/her personal information among other things, they tend to interact in other public domains with other users. This information can be seen by several other users and there are chances that they will be distributed publicly outside. If You register with Us via a Third-party service, then the contact on the third-party platform might see Your credentials alongside Your activity description. Further, this will aid other users to view your description and communicate with You.

Retentiveness of the Personal Data

As a company, we can retain Personal Data until it is necessary for being mentioned in the Privacy Policy. We have the right to retain as well as use the Personal Data to a much larger extent where you’d comply with all of our legitimate obligations. For instance, we can retain your data where it can be complied with appropriate laws, resolve some disputes, and enforce our legal policies and agreements.

The Company can also retain the Usage Data to make an analysis internally. Generally, Usage Data is retained for a short time, however, we might use the data to strengthen security to improve their functionality of the Service we provide. There are instances where we’re lawfully obligated to retain the data for a prolonged period.

Personal Data Transference

The information of Users includes Personal; Data which is processed at the operating offices of the Company and other places where several parties are involved in the processing are located. Here, the information might be transferred and maintained on computers which are present outside the jurisdiction of the province, state, country, or other jurisdiction of the government where laws for data protection might be different from the User’s jurisdiction.

When You make consent to Our Privacy Policy, superseded submission of information might represent the User’s agreement concerning the transfer.

Further, the Company will take all the necessary steps which are necessary for ensuring that the data is treated with utter security for the privacy policy. There will be no transfer of the Personal Data of Users which would take place in a specific organization or country. There will be exceptions if adequate controls will be in places such as personal information and data security.

Personal Data Disclosure

Business Transactions:

If Company is found to be in acquisition, merger, or selling of assets, then Personal Data of the user will be transferred. It is our solemn responsibility to provide notice before transference of the Personal Data which further becomes subject to a completely distinctive Privacy Policy.

Law Enforcement:

In certain circumstances, Company might be required to unveil Personal Data of the users if it is necessary to happen lawfully or in response to valid requests by notable authorities, such as governmental agencies or courts.

Other Legal Requirements:

We as a company might disclose Personal Data of Users with sheer good faith where the action is necessary towards:

  • Complying with a legal obligation.
  • Protect & defend both rights and property of the Company.
  • Prevent or audit the possible wrongdoing concerning the Service
  • Protect Users’ safety alongside the public
  • Safeguard in opposition to legal liability

Security of Users’ Personal Data

Users’ data is of great importance to us. Nevertheless, remember that none of the methods of transference across the internet or electronic storage. Given that We strive as a Company to use the commercially acceptable means for protecting personal data of Users, We still cannot guarantee the optimum security of the data.

Complete information on Processing Users’ Personal Data

Service providers can access Your Data for performing tasks on behalf of the company. They are obligated not to unveil or use the data for any other purpose.


We might avail services from third-party providers for monitoring and analysing the usages of our Service.

Google Analytics

As a notable web analytics service, Google Analytics tracks and reports the traffic of websites. Google utilizes the data which it collects regularly to monitor and track the usage of our Service. Note that the data is also shared with several other services from the search giant, Google. Also, Google might utilize the collected data to personalize and contextualise ads of its advertising network.

You can choose to opt-out from any activity on Service which is available in Google Analytics. All You have to do is install Google Analytics and discard the browser add-on. Moreover, this add-on will prevent the JavaScript of Google Analytics from distributing information with the web analytics service concerning visits activity.

If You want more information on Google’s privacy practices, then visit the web page of Google’s Privacy and Terms- https://policies.google.com/privacy

Behavioral Remarketing

We use remarketing services to place advertisements on third-party websites once you visit our service. Our third-party vendors and Us utilize cookies to optimize, inform, as well as serve ads which are based on the past visits of our Service.

Bing Ads Remarketing

Microsoft Inc is the provider of Bing Ads remarketing service.

You can also choose to opt-out of Bing Ads by following the instruction mentioned in this link: https://about.ads.microsoft.com/en-us/resources/policies/personalized-ads

You can also garner more information about privacy practices as well as policies of Microsoft by simply visiting the webpage of Privacy Policy: https://privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/PrivacyStatement


The services of Pinterest remarketing are delivered by renowned Pinterest Inc.

You can also stop availing service from Pinterest’s internet-based advertisements. All You have to do is enable Do Not Track functionality in the web browser. You can also follow the instructions on Pinterest: https://help.pinterest.com/en/article/personalization-and-data

Visit the following link to learn about policies and private practices introduced by Pinterest: https://policy.pinterest.com/en/privacy-policy


Semantic Sugar, Inc provides the marketing service AdRoll.

Choose to opt-out or stop receiving remarking option from AdRoll. Just visit the AdRoll Advertising Preferences website: http://info.evidon.com/pub_info/573?v=1&nt=1&nw=false

You can also garner information from AdRoll’s practices and privacy policy through this link: https://www.nextroll.com/privacy

Perfect Audience

NowSpots Inc provides Perfect Audience Remarketing.

You can try your hand to opt-out of Perfect Audience by just visiting the following web pages:

Platform Opt-out: http://pixel.prfct.co/coo

Partner Opt-Out: http://ib.adnxs.com/optout

Visit the following link to gather information about privacy practices: https://www.perfectaudience.com/privacy/index.html


AppNexus Inc is the provider of the remarketing service of AppNexus.

By visiting the following webpage, you can get the information of logging out of AppNexus: https://www.appnexus.com/platform-privacy-policy#choices

Go through the privacy policy of AppNexus by visiting this website: https://www.appnexus.com/platform-privacy-policy

Performance, Usage and Heterogeneous

Using third-party service providers provides an optimum improvement of our Service.


It is a session heatmap and replays tool which shows how the visitors move, click, browse, scroll, and pay attention to several websites. Aps is in charge of operating the service.

This service may gather information from the User’s Device.

The information that Mouseflow gathers is carried on analogously with the Privacy Policy: https://mouseflow.com/privacy/

GDPR Privacy

The personal data might be processed under the conditions listed below:

Consent: When users give their consent to process data for single or several other purposes.

Contract Performance: Personal Data provision is essential for a performance agreement with Users or any pre-contractual obligations, therefore.

Legal Obligations: It is important to comply with the processing of Personal Data alongside legal obligation where even the Company is subjected to.

Vital Interests: The processing of Your Personal Data is essential to protect User’s vital interests alongside that of a natural person.

Interests of Public: Processing of any personal data is connected to a task which is carried out in the interest of the public or the exertion of authorized personnel across the Company.

Legitimate Interests: To satisfy the needs of legitimate interests, processing up of Personal Data is absolute.

We will aid you in clarifying the particular legal basis which is applied in the method of processing. This will verify if the Personal Data provision is a contractual or statutory requirement or a requirement important to be inserted in any contract.

Rights of Users under GDPR

The company undertakes the esteem of confidentiality of User’s Personal Data, to exercise the rights completely.

With Privacy Policy, you get these rights by law!

Accessing Personal Data: You have all the right to update, access, and delete all the information the Company has on you. Whenever applicable, Users can either access, request, or update deletion of the Personal Data right in the account settings option. In case you are not able to carry out these tasks, then reach out to us. We are happy to help!

Request evaluation of Personal Data that We have on our customers:

As a User, You have all the right in the world to modify inaccurate or incomplete information which Company holds about You!

Objectifying the processing of Users’ Personal Data: The right is for the people who rely on legitimate interest alongside legal based on the procession. With this right, You can simply make objectification of the Personal Data. Moreover, You can also Objectify the data we process for marketing purposes.

Request Deletion of the Personal Data:

You have all the right to ask Us to delete or even remove Personal Data when there is absolutely no reason to process it in the first place.

Request transference of Personal Data:

You or a third-party will be provided to have your data are chosen, structured, and conventionally used readable format. More importantly, this is applicable for automated information that You initially gave the consent to Us for using them. The information is used to form a contract with Users.

Withdrawal of Consent:

As users, you have got the right to remove or decline Your consent from using your Personal Data. Once the withdrawal request is applied, We cannot provide Users with access to certain functionalities of the service which we provide.

Exercise Your GDPR Data Protection Rights

You are in full freedom to execute Your rights to rectify, access, cancel and oppose by simply contacting Us. Note that We might enquire You to verify Your identity prior to responding to these requests. Once a request is made, We will do everything in Our power to respond You.

You also have the right to file a complaint to the Data Protection Authority concerning Our collection & utilize Your Data. You can also establish contact with the data protection authority to find a proper resolution for your request.

Children’s Privacy

Anyone under 13 years of age cannot avail our services. We tend not to collect the identification of people under 13 Years. In case You are a parent or a guardian & You are aware of the Personal Data that Your Child has provided to Us, then feel free to contact Us. The moment we get to know that we collected the data from someone who is under 13 years, without the consent of parents or verification, then we will immediately remove the information from the server.

In addition to this, we might also limit the way we collect, store, and use the information of Users between 13 & 18 years of age. In some cases, we cannot provide certain functionalities of our service to these Users.

Hesitantly, if we require consent legally then processing information of Users as well as Country need consent from parents. As a Company, we also require the consent of parents before collecting and using information.

Links to Other Websites

A fraction of Our Service might contain links to several other websites which We do not control or operate. When a User clicks on a third-party link, they will be directed to the third-party website. Kindly, go through the review of the Privacy Policy of each site you visit.

Further, there is no control of ours on the content of the third-party websites alongside practices, and their privacy policies.

Changes made to existing Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy might be updated from time to time, depending on the market. Once the changes in Privacy Policy are made, users will be notified immediately.

You will get to know about the changes via an email or before the changes take place. You can also spot the last updated date to know whether there have been changes or not.

You must review the Privacy Policy page periodically concerning any changes.

Contact Us:

If you’ve any more questions regarding the Privacy Policy, then reach out to us!

Via Email: Info[at]bitcoinrevolution.org

Via Website: https://www.bitcoinrevolution.org/contact-us/