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Risk Disclaimer

Bitcoin Revolution empowers the users in trading in the most speculative way to derive profit or income inclusive of a massive risk, where users might be subjected to risk of losing on their investments. This type of trading isn’t meant for conventional and optimistic investors. Users have to understand and consider all the risks which are involved right before trading. As a cloud app, Bitcoin Revolution is not responsible to manage and neither does it offer legal, accounting, tax or investment advice. The users might not receive usual recommendations concerning profitability, suitability, investment strategy, among other benefits.

All the more reason why potential users and existing users ought to read the risk disclosure carefully to know the warnings embedded in the documentation before they join the platform to use its cutting-edge software and begin trading in several financial tools. The users have to note that the document cannot disclose either can it explain different aspects of risk that exists while trading in CFDs, Forex, and Cryptocurrencies. The document exists to explain the necessary and general terms of risks which are involved while dealing Cryptocurrencies, CFDs, and Forex, in a non-misleading and fair manner.

Note: “Bitcoin Revolution comprises a higher trading risk and it doesn’t express or imply guarantees and warranties to the users while making a profit or lose some or all of their deposited funds for investment.”

Trading in CFDs, Cryptocurrencies and Forex is both speculative and subjected to significant risk. The platform is not suitable for the general public rather the experienced investors who understand risks involved to make significant profits.

  • The users/investors are required to understand the legal, economics and several other risks that are involved in trading.
  • Personal financial circumstances, lifestyle and financial resources must be taken into consideration as there is a chance that an investor might incur a loss of the entire investment.
  • The investors need to have the right knowledge as well as an understanding of cryptocurrencies, CFDs, and Forex trading alongside the underlying markets and assets.

Bitcoin Revolution is not accountable to provide the investors and users with any sort of advice related to CFDs, Forex, and Cryptocurrencies. Moreover, Bitcoin Revolution will not make any recommendations regarding markets and assets. Hence, if the user doesn’t understand all the risks which are involved in trading, they have to seek consultation and advice from a financial advisor. Further, if the user still doesn’t get the entirety of the risks involved, then they shouldn’t trade in the first place.

It is important to note that CFDs, Forex & Cryptocurrencies are nothing but derivative financial instruments meaning investment in these comes with risks. So. there will be volatility in the prices of these assets. The users have to understand all the risks that are associated with trading in these markets or with these assets as the fluctuation in prices would significantly affect the profitability of the said users’ trade.

Some important risks are

Market Swings- These are always a sudden shift in the valuation/price of the underlying asset. Several reasons lead to gapping such as market announcements, economic events. Gapping takes place when the underlying market is both open and closed. With gapping there comes a time when the users will witness a significant profit or loss. These factors usually take place during the phase the market is closed, this will give rise to the derived price which is different from the closing price as there isn’t the suitable opportunity to close in the trade.

Market Liquidity- The prices of the investments such as CFDs, Forex, and Cryptocurrency is going to be influenced by several things such as demand relationships, changing supply, agricultural, governmental, commercial policies and trade programs. Even globe and country-wide economic and political events and the existing psychological characteristics of the said market place will result in the rise or fall in demand of the underlying asset. During this phase, the underlying assets of Forex, Cryptocurrencies and CFDs might not become liquid due to reduced demand for the assets. Market conditions might change drastically over a short period, hence during these market conditions, the orders of users cannot be executed.

Volatility- There will always be movements in the price of the underlying markets/assets as the market is unpredictable and volatile. The volatility will have a direct impact on both losses and profits of the users. All the more reason to understand the market volatility as it would aid the investors or users to trade and keep tabs on how much he/she can afford to lose.

When it comes to trading with currencies, there will be situations where conditions/movements will occur during weekends. At the beginning of a week or during intra-day after releasing notable macroeconomic figures, political or economic news which influences currency markets open with distinctive prices that might be substantially different from the prices of the past weeks or months.

*High-Risk Investment Product*

Trading CFDs, Forex, as well as cryptocurrencies comprise significant risk where users might lose their investment. The informative note on Risk Warning doesn’t disclose risks as well as other aspects of derivative trading. Never invest with the capital that you cannot afford losing. We strongly suggest you go through the Terms and Service of our website before using the services that we provide.