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Is Bitcoin Revolution a scam or not?

Bitcoin Revolution is widely covered by leading media stations both in the finance and crypto spheres. For instance, it has been reviewed by leading crypto publications, including The InsideBitcoins and Cryptovibes. These two publications receive millions of web visits per day. Some experts have carried out a $250 test on this platform and confirmed that it is possible to earn up to $200 daily. As stated previously, Bitcoin Revolution reports a daily ROI of up to 60%. There are only a few other investment options with such a high profitability rate. Most of these competing investment options require huge capital outlay and insane trading fees. Just remember that all trading carries risk.

Bitcoin Revolution is safe to use, given that it is among the only few trading robots that combine the transparency of blockchain with RSA encryption. Blockchain brings a transparent trading ecosystem within the robot while the RSA encryption ensures that no form of cyberattack can penetrate the Bitcoin Revolution website. We have also subscribed to data privacy policy laws such as the GDPR as an extra measure to ensure users safety. The GDPR prohibits us from sharing EU citizens’ data with any third-parties without data owners’ permission.

What is the Bitcoin Revolution Software

If you have been following fintech news, it is highly likely that you are aware that intelligent trading algorithms are taking over professional investment and trading functions.

Big banks in Wall Street are hiring quants in large numbers to develop trading algorithms. The best trading robots can beat the markets 99% of the time. Trading robots are of different types and have different trading capabilities.

Bitcoin Revolution is a trading robot developed specifically for the bitcoin market. The robot applies HFT and scalping techniques to bet on BTC volatility. This means that it maintains performance even in plummeting crypto markets.

Anyone can trade with Bitcoin Revolution given that it offers both the semi-auto and fully-auto functions.

The fully auto-function is suitable for beginners while the semi-auto function is recommended for experienced traders looking for some level of control in trading.

Bitcoin Revolution requires a minimum capital investment of $250 and can generate profits up to $300 daily in favourable market conditions. It is possible to earn up to a million dollars in annual profits when at least 70% of profits are reinvested.

Just remember that all trading carries risk.



New stories about the Bitcoin Revolution

Some reviewers are confusing our platform with some bitcoin startups that have appeared on popular TV shows. We would like to clarify that we are not a startup and have not pitched our platform in any of the mentioned TV programs.

Below are some of the shows we have been linked to:

Bitcoin Revolution appearance on the Silicon Valley Tv Show is fake news. As mentioned above, we are not seeking venture capital funding and therefore have not appeared on this show.

Planet of the Apps is another entrepreneur show that Bitcoin Revolution is rumoured to have featured. There are many bitcoin-related software that have been pitched on the show, but we are not among them.

Bitcoin Revolution is also rumoured to have appeared on the “Good Morning Britain” TV show. However, we haven’t promoted our platform on any of the said shows. As previously stated, it is prudent to always confirm the information on the Bitcoin Revolution official website.

How to Trade Cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin Revolution

Trading with Bitcoin Revolution is easy when you follow instructions and practice through the demo. As explained above, the trading materials are explained in plain and are hence easy to follow for complete beginners.

Step 1: Sign Up to the Bitcoin Revolution App

Go to Bitcoin Revolution homepage and register an account. Please note that there are no license fees to be paid. Moreover, Bitcoin Revolution has all measures in place to ensure that your data is safe.

Step 2: Deposit $250

A minimum of $250 is all you need to start your journey to the millionaire’s club through Bitcoin Revolution. Bitcoin Revolution partner brokers accept debit/credit cards, wire transfer, and some e-wallets and bitcoin wallets.

Step 3: Demo Practice

You shouldn’t start a live session before reading the trading guide and testing your skills through the demo account. The trading guide explains the risk setup process. Try different levels of risk on the demo before moving to live trading.

4. Ready, Start Trading

Live trading happens by defining risk settings and toggling the live session button. You shouldn’t experience any difficulties if you have read and followed the provided trading instructions. The demo account is there to help you try out the settings before going live.

Bitcoin Revolution is one of a kind trading robot given that it is the only bitcoin trading robot that combines the powers of AI and Blockchain.
Here is how this trading robot compares to other robots.

The Bitcoin Revolution

  • This trading robot is surprisingly easy to operate even for those who have never heard about crypto trading before.
  • Bitcoin Revolution is free and only requires a minimum deposit of as little as 250 USD
  • With the Bitcoin Revolution, a typical user can generate up to 600% in daily profits from a deposit of $250.
  • Bitcoin Revolution accepts registrations from across the globe.

Alternative Trading Robots

  • Most trading robots are technical and hence require a degree of expertise in the crypto markets.
  • Robots with the same level of profitability as Bitcoin Revolution require license fees of up to $5000 per month.
  • At least 90% of the robots out there are scam and hence do not generate any profits for users.
  • Many robots are restricted to jurisdictions and often require hefty fees to grant access to users outside these jurisdictions.

Bitcoin Revolution trades bitcoin through a financial derivative known as Contract for Difference (CFD). With this bot, you get to trade CFDs in popular cryptos and fiat currencies. These include BTC paired against ETH, BCH, USD, GBP, XRP, EUR, among many others. In total, you get exposure to over 60 pairs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Bitcoin Revolution

Why Join the Bitcoin Revolution app?


Bitcoin Revolution was founded in 2017 by a team of expert traders. The robot has received a huge amount of praise from its users and has received many positive reviews on Trustpilot.


Bitcoin Revolution is amazingly easy to operate even for complete beginners. You only need to follow the offered trading guide to set an account and get started. Sit back and relax as Bitcoin Revolution makes money for you.


Our software is completely safe. It is fully encrypted through the RSA protocol to ensure that no form of cyberattack can penetrate through. Moreover, it is compliant with data privacy laws such as the GDPR.


The Top Five Features Of The Bitcoin Revolution

We have conducted an in-depth analysis of this trading software and concluded that it is simply the best. Here are some of its key features.


Superior Performance

Bitcoin Revolution performance is magical. You can consistently generate daily returns of up to 600%. However, the right trading settings must be in place, and you must adjust risk settings to fit such high levels of return.


Variety of Tradable pairs

Bitcoin Revolution grants exposure to over 45 currency pairs. These include volatile pairs such as BTC/GBP and BTC/USD. The robot can place over 15 trades in a single minute and maintain a win rate of 98%.



You only need to fill a deposit request and wait for up to one hour for your money to reflect in your bank account. We don’t charge any fees for deposit and withdrawals. Moreover, there aren’t limits to how much you can withdraw.


Safe Trading platforms

Bitcoin Revolution is among the few trading bots that rely on RSA encryption measures. Consequently, no hacking attempts can penetrate it. Moreover, this platform applies top-level data privacy measures.


Reputable brokers

We partner brokers are of high quality. They all fall under the regulatory jurisdiction of the FCA, ASIC, CYSEC, or the FSB. These regulatory bodies are respected worldwide and offer some of the best safety measures

Bitcoin Revolution Verdict: Is it legit or a scam

Bitcoin Revolution has all the features that matter in a legit robot. Moreover, it is highly reputable and has a proven track record. You only need a deposit of as little as $250 to run Bitcoin Revolution successfully. The deposit happens through any of their highly reputable and well-regulated brokers. Bitcoin Revolution has a surprisingly high win rate, but it does involve risk nonetheless. Invest wisely!

Any question? Simply get in touch! We’re always happy to help!